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Meet Damani!

Brooklyn-born and raised, Damani Douglas grew up with a love for the visual and performative arts. Whether through keyframes, lenses, or musical scores his world rotated on beat with his many artistic passions. Harnessing his interests, Damani refines his creativity into actionable skills at New York City College of Technology, where he pursues a BFA in Communication Design. 

Damani has collaborated on youth-produced documentaries, mentored youth around the world on video production, and confronted controversy with his 2021 photography series, The Ones Still Home: Mass Incarceration Photography. Damani is a Brooklyn-based multimedia maker, problem-solver, and visual communicator specializing in photography
and videography.


New York City College of Technology

Honor Scholar 2021 Panel Presentation
"The Ones Still Home - Mass Incarcerated Photography"


Point of View” Award Emoti-Con NYC Youth Digital Media & Technology Challenge / Brooklyn / - 2020

Outstanding Achievement BHERC Youth Diversity Film Festival / Brooklyn - 2021


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